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Prompt, Competent, and Professional

I called them for a consultation and wanted to pay them for their time. They graciously refused. One of the attorneys spent about a half hour on the phone with me completely free of charge, walking me through my options and actually commiserating with me! I was able to get the answers I needed, but if I needed to engage their services officially I would have no doubt they would be prompt, competent, and professional. Thank you for your time!

- Audra de Falco

I highly recommend!

Professional, friendly service. They made me feel comfortable and confident in my difficult financial situation. I highly recommend!

- Kate McCauley

An amazing guy.

Derek Soltis is extremely informative. I called in with a very concerning and troubling matter for me and he was able to present all the facts for me and see if I even needed a lawyer. He took the time to speak with me over the phone without having to pay him and gave me the advice I needed. He said to give him a call with any other questions. An amazing guy. If I need any legal representation it will for sure be him.

- v murcia

Very professional

Very professional and excellent advice. Highly recommended.

- boyd white

Clearly looked after my interests

I enlisted the offices of Patel, Soltis & Cardenas as a first-time homebuyer and was extremely pleased with their service. They were extremely responsive, clearly looked after my interests, and guided me all the way to closing.I would strongly recommend their services if you're looking to either purchase or sell a home in Hudson County. They really know the market well and understand the process expertly.

- Carlos Rymer

Above & Beyond is an Understatement

My mother in law who is 94 years old used Mr Cardenas to close the sale of her house. My wife and I live in South Carolina and to say that Mr Cardenas went above and beyond would be an under statement. He even went to her house on a holiday so she wouldnt have to leave her home to sign papers. I highly recommend him

- Timothy Liebrand sr

You eased my worries

Thank you for the advice today, Derek. You eased my worries as a tenant affected by foreclosure. You were very informative, professional and a little intimidating in the beginning. Many thanks, Ivette

- Ivettelixa Ortiz

I will hire Derek for sure.

I just got off the phone with Derek Soltis and I am so impressed and grateful I found him. I had a couple of preliminary questions before I even came him and he answered them HONESTLY. Not all attorneys will be so honest if something is worth proceeding forward with....but Derek is so honest and made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend this law office based off my conversation with Derek. He is kind, honest, articulate, and actually cares. Now I hope something happens to where I need to hire an attorney because I will hire Derek for sure. Thanks so much for your advice Derek! The law industry needs more lawyers like you :)

- Becky Jones

I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

This is the same as my other post. Patel soltis and Cardenas worked with me for 2 years to get a loan modification. It was a roller coaster ride. I lost my job during the process, had to evict tenants, was facing a sheriff sale, and had 3 previous failed loan mods. I almost had to file bankruptcy, but Mr. Cardenas worked on my behalf to keep me in my home. He walked me through all of my issues and even was able to tell me why my previous loan mods failed. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. They have multiple locations and I want everyone know how they helped me.

- Marry Washington

Made sure my interests were protected

Wonderful, competent individuals who made sure my interests were protected in the execution of a lease.

- Shaunak Vyas

The sign of a true professional.

This review is for Derek Soltis - I am a property owner in NYC and had a foreclosure issue with one of my properties. Through a phone call Mr. Soltis provided me with the guidance to resolve the issue on my own without hiring him as an attorney. The process was straight forward but was unknown to me. With Derek's advice I was able to address the issue. He took some time to briefly educate me on the "process" and got me pointed in the right direction. I respect that Mr. Soltis assisted me with guidance and did not ask for payment even though this was the first time I had spoken with him. This is the sign of a true professional. I would not hesitate to contact Derek Soltis in the future to represent me in legal matters.

- William Holt

Very informative.

Very informative. Thanks you

- Brian Sansanelli

Would not have made the deal happen without them.

The team at Patel and Soltis are excellent. They are expert in all aspects of real estate law. They helped my husband and I purchase our home, which involved a difficult and tedious short sale process. Without a doubt, we would not have made the deal happen without them. They are respectful, responsive and knowledgeable. I recommend them without reservation.

- Valerie Pettigrew

They saved my house.

They saved my house. For 2 years I tried to do a loan modification myself. I was facing a sheriff sale and didn't know what to do. I visited them and they went over everything I had done, and gave me a bunch of different things I could try. They went to court and stopped the sheriff sale. They took over working on my loan modification. In two months they did what I had been trying to do for two years. Mr. Cardenas, I thank you for your time and repeated abuse you took from my bank. I want everyone to know what you did for me and my family.

- Robert Reynoso

I was amazed at the speed

I was amazed at how fast me and my fiance got wills. We were in and out of the office in 2 hours. They also did a power of attorney and advanced medical directive. I assumed it was going to take weeks, but they had us ready to go and with every thing notarized.

- Bao Byer

Job well done

Mr. Patel was very helpful in my foreclosure case. He answered numerous questions regarding the case. He discussed it in detail and I am very pleased with my experience. Thank you very much and a job well done. George

- George P

I did not think it would work

My attorney, Mr. Patel, filed bankruptcy for me to stop sale on my house. He did this 2 days before sale. I had a previous bankruptcy dismissed and did not think this would work. While in bankruptcy he was able to get a loan modification on my house so i could stop paying the trustee and go one with my life.

- Erin McKeown

So thankful to have spoken with them

Extremely nice and patient. Very informative and knowledgeable, supremely helpful. Put my mind and worries at rest. I'm so thankful to have met and spoken with them

- Ranotta King

I Never Thought I Would Get Paid

Thank you for taking my case pro bono. You were able to collect on a debt i never thought i would get paid even after winning in court.

- Mary Bombenger

Recommend without reservation.

I have nothing but great things to say about the Team at Patel and Soltis. Mr. Patel, Mr. Soltis and Mr. Cardenas are the dream team. They helped my husband and I buy our house (a difficult short sale) and were responsive and supportive through the entire process. Recommend without reservation.

- Jessica Torrente

Great first Impression.

Just called this Firm for some general questions and they were helpful and professional. Great first Impression.

- Steve Torii

A tremendous help!

Mr. Patel and Mr. Cardenas of Patel & Soltis were a tremendous help! I had gotten a cell phone ticket and it was my second offense in NJ. The minimum was $500 and two points! With their extensive knowledge and powerful negotiating they got it reduced to only obstructing traffic, no points, and only $150 fine!!! I could not believe it!! These guys really know what they are doing and I highly recommend them to everyone!!

- Kyle Jackson

Helped me get on my feet again

Mr. Patel offered to speak with me for free after I read online he handles foreclosure work. I originally had a loan with Seterus and then it was transferred to Rushmore. They would never give me a fair shot with my modification attempts. Mr. Patel represented me in court and helped me get on my feet again. Within a few months I had a loan modification offer which I accepted. High ratings all around.

- Andre Kapril

These guys were so good!

Had to write this review. I am beyond satisfied with my legal services. These guys were so good! They knew what they were talking about and always kept me in the loop with my situation. I had issues with foreclosure. Thanks so much!

- Ronald Crew

Stopped my Foreclosure

Mr. Patel stopped my foreclosure. He is a good man.

- Gilbert Teel

I would give you 25 stars

I thought i would never get my deposit after my former land lord lost his house in foreclosure. Your help got my deposit back and helped me leave the apartment on my time line and not the new owners. I would give you 25 stars if they would let me.

- Thurman Hopper

Very happy with their services.

Very happy with their services.

- Neil Shah

Highly recommend talking to them!

I spoke to them about suing my a**hole landlord. They don't handle small claims cases but generously agreed to answer my questions and guide me through the process of suing on my own. Highly recommend talking to them!

- Evan V.

Thanks again for your hard work.

Well let me start by saying if you're having a problem with getting your Mortgage Company or bank to assist with a loan modification reach out to these guys. Their professionalism, compassion and more importantly their integrity was what I needed to get me through those trying times. Let me say from the first consultation with them I GENUINELY felt I and my families 1st home would be fine and 5 months later I just made my 1st payment on my now modified loan payment and that we are "Just Fine" ))))) Thanks again for your hard work.

- Cassie C.

Allows me to sleep nights

These guys know their stuff. They helped me out of a, very, sticky situation and they were able and willing to work with me and help me out of a hole. If you find yourself in need them call on them. The work they did allowed me to sleep nights.

- Marc F.

Charged me a VERY fair rate.

I had an issue with traffic court that I almost handled myself. I decided to get a lawyer instead and contacted Veer Patel. He was very patient and understanding while I explained the situation. He charged me a VERY fair rate. ***One thing I'd like to highlight about why I'm so happy is they really ended up saving me time and money. - The court had the wrong date scheduled when we arrived, but Veer talked them into seeing us the same day. - Veer talked down the ticket to a significantly lower ticket; one with a lower fine and no annual surcharges. Both of items I would have not been able to do without a lawyer.

- Greg A.

Concerns about a new lease

Was referred to Mr. Soltis by a good friend. I had concerns about a new lease that I was about to sign and he was able to very efficiently dispel all of the concerns I had with it. I definitely would recommend Mr. Soltis to anyone who needs help understanding leases in general.

- Edward T.

Could not have done this without their help!

I am a procrastinator to say the least. My home was going to sheriffs sale in one week and I still had no attorney after multiple failed modification packets. Every attorney I met told me my only option was filing for bankruptcy which I was hesitant to do. I came to Patel & Soltis and met with Veer and Lazaro who instantly put my mind at ease and told me not to file bankruptcy and that they were certain we would get the modification we wanted.They went and fought for me and had the sheriffs sale postponed multiple times and got me the modification and now my mortgage is lower than it was before the entire foreclosure process. If you are worried about losing your home which can be VERY scary, look no further, these are the guys who can help you!I met with them June 30th to begin the process and today, 9 months later I signed the final modification documents. I could not have done this without their help! They provided for me more than just legal work, they provided me peace of mind, a sense of security in being a homeowner, and comfort throughout the entire process! MANY THANKS to Lazaro Cardenas and Mr.Patel, they will never know what they have done for me!!

- Nick T.

Helped me out alot

Mr. Soltis was really good to me and helped me out alot since I live in Florida and needed help in New Jersey. I will surely choose him if I need help again.

- Michael D.

Gave me sound advice.

I just spoke to one of the partners in this firm named Derrick Soltis this morning and although he could not help me because I need to file in another state he was excellent. He was kind, patient, attentive and gave me sound advice. I wish I could have them represent me - I felt comfortable and knew he was well versed as he spoke. I would recommend you consult with him he is a Gem in the coal.

- Lisa R.

Reach out to them A.S.A.P.

I have found that most things in this world are never as good as you would like them to be. That is not the case with this law firm. They are great people that know their business. I can not recommend this law firm enough for real estate issues. Once I hired them I could feel my stress levels reducing, significantly. There's no greater feeling than knowing that you have, extremely, competent and efficient people behind you. They are, very, responsive and explained everything that was going on in a way that made sense to me. If you need help then you need to reach out to them A.S.A.P.

- Marc F.

I now have a fresh new start and I am worry free.

I highly recommend the Patel & Soltis Law Firm as your advocates for foreclosure representation. I had a failed business that forced me to file bankruptcy & I was weeks away from losing my home. It was the most uncomfortable time of my life. Keeping my home was my top priority. Mr. Patel and his associates, Laz & Maxine, made it their responsibility to ensure that would never happen and instructed me to just leave the worrying to them. They worked with the mortgage banker, mortgage attorney's and the courts to re-negotiate the terms with giant savings for me. I now have a fresh new start and I am worry free.

- Mike M.

He is great.

I was being harassed at my job for being hit by a guy on a forklift. They were going to fire for missing work to go to the doctor. Derek taked to HR for me, and got me set-up with a Workers comp claim. He is great.

- Mike D

They saved my house.

They saved my house. I cannot thank them enough. They worked with me on a payment plan when I couldn't afford my to pay my mortgage and forced Chase to get off my back.

- Robert G.

Very happy with these guys.

Very happy with these guys. My foreclosure matter was well taken care off. I'd recommend them for real estate and civil.Keep up the good work!

- Ronald C.

I'd recommend 100%.

Excellent lawyer. Mr. Patel and his team are very good at what they do. I had a complicated issue that they were able to care of with great service. I could always reach Mr. Patel by phone or email. I'd recommend 100%.

- James F.